20 Sep 2018

Receiving images from other apps on Android

Today I was working on making it possible to share an image (or several) from another app to Pico on Android. I needed to take the image I received and upload it to the Micro.blog API. It took me a while to piece together the different parts of this ...

18 Sep 2018

Functional UI testing in Exist with EarlGrey and Sencha

I recently wrote about some of the frameworks I've tried for writing iOS tests. For functional UI testing, I've used EarlGrey by Google, and Sencha, which is a sugar wrapper around EarlGrey. Gio mentioned on Twitter that he'd like to see more detail about how I've ...

17 Sep 2018

Existing monthly, August 2018

In August we added the body fat attribute to Exist, and removed support for Jawbone UP, which seems to have quietly died without telling anyone. We also released an update to our iOS app that includes brand new onboarding and welcome screens for new users.

Changemap gained a reply button ...

13 Aug 2018

Existing monthly, July 2018

July was a big month for Exist. We finally launched our mobile app redesign to match our recent web redesign. This includes the brand new summary screen in both our iOS and Android apps.

We also ticked off some smaller updates:

  • Removed our Moves integration, since Moves has now shut ...
23 Jul 2018

Existing monthly, June 2018

We spent June getting stuck into redesigning our mobile apps to match our recent web app redesign. It's a shame to not have this update ready to launch yet, but May was a huge month with lots of new releases, so hopefully that will tide everyone over through June ...