02 Aug 2016

Podcast 18: Survey

We recap the results of our recent Exist user survey and talk about what to do with what we've learned, and choosing what to work on.

21 Jul 2016

Podcast 17: Larder launch

We recap what happened with Larder's launch. Just a quick one as not a long has happened since! Next time we'll be back talking about Exist.

20 Jul 2016

Existing monthly, May 2016


Exist was pretty quiet this month as we focused on our Larder soft launch. However, I did manage to release our new GitHub integration, which pulls in commit data from all repos a user can commit to and adds another popular productivity service to our line-up.


In early ...

29 Jun 2016

The state of Exist, 2016

We recently sent out our annual Exist user survey to all our users. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete it! I wanted to recap some of the interesting results we found, and then talk about what we're going to do in response.

Let's take a ...

20 Jun 2016

Existing monthly, April 2016


In new feature progress, we launched a set of new supported attributes which users can supply data for via the API. One of these, commits, will be used by the upcoming GitHub integration that I also started working on this month.

On the more administrative side of things, we ...