25 May 2018

Syncing weight from Apple Health to Exist

Our most recent update to Apple Health syncing in Exist for iOS includes the ability to sync weight data. At face value, this might seem no more tricky than syncing cycling distance, which was also added in this update. But in fact, weight syncing took about 10x as much development ...

07 May 2018

Existing monthly, April 2018

This month we shipped a small change to Exist for Android, so you no longer have to wait a full year to reflect on mood ratings and notes from past days. We'll now show you mood ratings and notes from around three months ago if you haven't been ...

05 Apr 2018

Existing monthly, March 2018

This month we made some small improvements to Changemap, including expiring old votes so vote counts better reflect current user sentiment. We're also working on some big improvements to Exist, but nothing user-facing was released this month.



  • 1,794 active users (1,207 paid)
  • 361 ...
11 Mar 2018

Existing monthly, February 2018

This month we released some small updates to Exist, as we continue working on a major redesign of the web app and a refactor of our iOS app.


On the web side we added the ability to rename custom tags this month, which was a highly-requested feature since we ...

11 Feb 2018

The way we run Exist

This post originally appeared on the Exist blog, but because it's relevant to how we run Hello Code, we're posting it here too.

Lately Josh and I have become increasingly concerned about the amount of data we're all sharing online, and how that data is being used ...