24 Oct 2017

Podcast 22: Things have changed

It's been a while. We cover some recent happenings, like the results of the survey, Belle joining full-time, and our Apple In-App Purchase woes. Sorry, this is a long one.


02 Oct 2017

Belle is on board

As of today, Belle is a full-time Hello Code employee, finally being paid for her hard work. It's been a long road to get here, and I want to celebrate by looking back.

How we got here

Belle and I started working on Exist way back in July 2013 ...

01 Oct 2017

Existing monthly, September 2017


This month we sent out the 2017 annual user survey for Exist. We've collated the results and made some plans for the year ahead. Check out the results in this blog post.

This month we also hit 1,000 paid users for Exist!

And we published one post ...

27 Sep 2017

A bizarre "403 Forbidden" bug-hunting adventure

I've been trying to figure out a strange bug in Exist for iOS over the past couple of months, and finally managed to fix it yesterday. Without Josh's help I would still be scratching my head over this bizarre issue.

It started with one user reporting the bug ...

19 Sep 2017

Exist survey 2017 results

Each year we've made a habit of asking users for their feedback on how we're going (here's last year's). This year's survey went out a bit late compared to previous years, as we really wanted to get custom tracking done first and give folks a ...