04 Jun 2017

Existing monthly, May 2017


This month we finally launched Apple Health sleep syncing in our iOS app. This has been a much-requested feature and we're excited to have finally delivered it.

We also launched a brand new feature in our web app, called Optimise. This page helps you figure out what affects ...

03 May 2017

Existing monthly, April 2017


This month saw our new feature, custom tracking, start beta testing on Android and web. I've started building this feature into iOS, but it's still got a ways to go before it's ready for testing.



  • 1,076 active users (767 paid)
  • 200 ...
11 Apr 2017

Existing monthly, March 2017


After making good progress laying the foundations for custom tracking last month, Josh started building custom tracking into the Android app in March. Both of us have been testing it and we're really looking forward to getting some user feedback soon.

Our integration with sleep data from Apple ...

22 Mar 2017

Podcast 21: Apple Health, custom tracking

Belle talks about the data we're now importing from Apple Health and how she's going with adding sleep to the list. Josh talks about how our upcoming custom tracking feature will work.

08 Mar 2017

Podcast 20: Press is good

In this episode we talk about the recent press mentions we received and how that boosted signups and income. We reflect on how hard it is to get press and how long it takes to build up brand awareness.