23 Jul 2018

Existing monthly, May 2018

May was a big month for Exist. We shipped the redesign of our web app which had been in progress for most of the year so far. The redesign includes historical browsing of your data, the ability to rate and hide correlations, and a search box where you can also ...

29 Jun 2018

Podcast 23: 2018

It's been a while! In this episode we talk about the recent web update, and what's changed for Belle now she's been full-time on Hello Code stuff for nine months.

05 Jun 2018

Five years of Exist

Last week, when I was going over the final touches of our new web update, I noticed this:

Member since June 2013

Wow. I've been working on Exist since June 2013, five years ago this month.

Five years ago, Exist was just a vague idea that we could take all the numbers that ...

25 May 2018

Syncing weight from Apple Health to Exist

Our most recent update to Apple Health syncing in Exist for iOS includes the ability to sync weight data. At face value, this might seem no more tricky than syncing cycling distance, which was also added in this update. But in fact, weight syncing took about 10x as much development ...

07 May 2018

Existing monthly, April 2018

This month we shipped a small change to Exist for Android, so you no longer have to wait a full year to reflect on mood ratings and notes from past days. We'll now show you mood ratings and notes from around three months ago if you haven't been ...