04 Mar 2017

Existing monthly, February 2017


After last month's boost in signups thanks to a couple of press mentions, we saw a nice increase in revenue this month thanks to many of those new signups converting after their free trials.

Development wise, we had a pretty good month. We released an update to the iOS app including a new feature that shows your mood rating and note from this day one year ago if you've been using Exist for a year or more. You'll see this pop up after sending in today's mood rating and note.

We also launched a redesigned weekly email based on the design of our Year in Review report that went down well early in January. And we built a new interactive report to help prospective new users determine how useful Exist will be for them, based on how much data they're already tracking.


We launched an API for Larder this month (check out the docs) and re-started work on the iOS app, which hasn't had much love recently. We also released a few small updates to the Larder Android app this month.


Despite copy on the "add suggestion" form to encourage users to search for their suggestion before creating it, the majority of suggestions we were receiving for Exist were duplicates of existing suggestions. To cut down on wasted time deleting duplicates and pointing their creators to the existing suggestions, we added an autosuggest feature to the new suggestion form this month, to point out existing suggestions that match what the user is typing. Since then, the number of suggestions has been much lower, and we haven't had any duplicates.


Exist business stats
  • 1122 active users (728 paid)
  • 244 free trial signups
  • 151 conversions from free to paid
  • 63 cancelled accounts
  • $5,214.28 income after Stripe fees (+4%)
Exist site stats
  • 5,207 uniques to our landing page (-32%)
  • 20,587 uniques to the blog (-33%)
  • Top traffic sources: Direct/organic search, Lifehacker, Gizmodo
Larder business stats
  • 810 accounts including trial or lapsed
  • 25 paid users
  • 17 trial signups
  • 1 conversion from free to paid
  • 0 deleted accounts
  • $13.77 income after fees (-88%)
Larder site stats
  • 455 uniques to the home page (+52%)
  • 136 uniques to the blog (-58%)