02 Feb 2017

Existing monthly, January 2017


It was a good month of press for Exist. We were lucky enough to be mentioned by Merlin Mann on two different podcasts: Back to Work and Do By Friday. We were also featured in a post on Gizmodo, which drove 100 signups in one day. It's been a good start to 2017, and we're hopeful we can keep the momentum going.

We also had two big feature releases this month. Josh added a new Data tab to the Android app, bringing some of our more interesting data analysis from the web app to your phone. I'll be adding this to the iOS app in the future, too.

Josh also launched a brand new feature which we plan to release annually: user end-of-year reports. These reports got a great response from our users and gave us some inspiration for improving our weekly emails in the future, too. Here's an example of an end-of-year Exist report.


I published two posts on the Larder blog this month: Why mentoring didn't work for me and Why I blog about my code even though I'm not an expert.


Exist business stats
  • 1,139 active users (612 paid)
  • 524 free trial signups
  • 55 conversions from free to paid
  • 54 cancelled accounts
  • $4,992.84 income after Stripe fees (+39% with 5 transfers this month)
Exist site stats
Larder business stats
  • 793 accounts including trial or lapsed
  • 24 paid users
  • 12 trial signups
  • 2 conversions from free to paid
  • 0 deleted accounts
  • $115.46 income after fees (+17%)
Larder site stats
  • 300 uniques to the home page (-6%)
  • 326 uniques to the blog (-10%)