22 Nov 2016

Existing monthly, July 2016


This month was all about integrations. I knuckled down and added Strava, Google Fit, and Todoist integrations. The Exist iOS app received some bug fixes.

Belle published two posts on the Exist blog: Why I was less productive when I stopped using a daily to do list, and The most simple to do list approach I've found.


We released the public beta of the Android app this month! It's a basic client for browsing folders and adding new bookmarks, including as a share target from other apps.

Other business stuff

We published two new podcast episodes this month, Episode 17: Larder launch and Episode 18: Survey, about the results of our recent Exist survey.


Exist business stats
  • 756 active users (538 paid)
  • 148 free trial signups
  • 64 conversions from free to paid
  • 17 cancelled accounts
  • 22 suspended accounts
  • $3,550.67 income after Stripe fees (-9%)
Exist site stats
  • 4,244 uniques to our landing page (-13%)
  • 18,475 uniques to the blog (+2%)
  • Top traffic sources: Direct/organic search, Twitter, Lifehacker
Larder business stats
  • 12 trial signups
  • 2 conversions from free to paid
  • 3 deleted accounts
  • $44.27 income after fees
Larder site stats
  • Traffic: 1,205 uniques (+31%)