12 Jan 2017

Existing monthly, September 2016


This month was a mix of user-facing features and back-end improvements as I upgraded Exist from Django 1.5 to 1.10, which involving fixing a lot of broken things that had changed along the way. It wasn't very fun and I wouldn't recommend it. Once this was done I also released a redesigned web dashboard moving the graphs closer to the values for today, making everything a bit easier to parse. We also released food tracking via Fitbit and Jawbone UP, and updated the mobile apps to support showing food data.

Belle began working on location tracking from the iOS app again in earnest.

I was interviewed for PCMag, and although I thought we connected well in the interview, the article itself is pretty underwhelming. Still, more press is always good.

Marketing stuff

Belle did two guest posts this month, one for Boho Berry on Bullet Journal and one for RescueTime on finding focus.


Exist business stats
  • 810 active users (601 paid)
  • 561 free trial signups
  • 79 conversions from free to paid
  • 10 cancelled accounts
  • 32 suspended accounts
  • $3,138.63 income after Stripe fees (-14%)
Exist site stats
  • 4,480 uniques to our landing page (-10%)
  • 19,907 uniques to the blog (-18%)
  • Top traffic sources: Direct/organic search, Lifehacker, RescueTime
Larder business stats
  • 23 trial signups
  • 3 conversions from free to paid
  • 9 deleted accounts
  • $126.83 income after fees (+15%)
Larder site stats
  • 588 uniques to the home page (+17%)
  • 169 uniques to the blog (-56%)