05 Mar 2020

Exist annual survey 2019

As part of our values of working transparently, we send an annual survey to Exist users to get their feedback on how we're doing and what we should work on next. We've been doing this since 2015, the year we launched.

This year we broke from tradition and ...

02 Mar 2020

Existing monthly, February 2020

This month we continued working on our 2020 plan for Exist.



  • 2,003 active users (1,563 paid)
  • 291 free trial signups (-33%)
  • 107 conversions from free to paid (+29%)
  • 84 cancelled accounts (-10%)
  • $11,553.61 monthly revenue (-8%)


  • 3,693 uniques ...
03 Feb 2020

Existing monthly, January 2020

It's the start of 2020, which means we're getting stuck into planning for the big changes we're working on this year. In January we had some time off early in the month, and then we released an update to Exist for iOS that supports dark mode for ...

17 Jan 2020

Existing monthly, December 2019

In December we released an update to our iOS app that includes the correlation picker we've had on the web and Android for a while. Apart from that, we had a short break of the holidays to enjoy some rest and relaxation before we get started on our big ...

03 Dec 2019

Existing monthly, November 2019

In November Josh added project correlations to our Toggl integration, and we sent out our annual Exist user survey to learn about how we can improve Exist for our users in future. Thanks to everyone who's filled in the survey so far! It's extremely valuable for us to ...