04 Feb 2019

Existing monthly, January 2019

In January we sent out our annual review emails to all users who had enough data. These were a big hit again, which is always a nice way to start a new year. We started working on some mobile design improvements that we aren't ready to share yet, and ...

18 Jan 2019

Adding a wiggle animation to a UIBarButtonItem

I recently needed to add a wiggle animation to a UIBarButtonItem. It wasn't as simple as animating a standard UIButton, so I had to use a UIButton as the custom view of my bar button. I also used PromiseKit to wrap the animations, so I could chain them together ...

14 Jan 2019

2018 in review

After finally being able to make enough for two small salaries at the end of 2017, this year was about growing enough to make those salaries a little more comfortable and catching up on iOS since I was finally able to work on Hello Code full-time.


This year saw ...

10 Jan 2019

Exist annual survey 2018

As part of our values of working transparently, we send an annual survey to Exist users to get their feedback on how we're doing and what we should work on next.

In practice, each has been a bit more than a year apart, as there's always something in ...

08 Jan 2019

Larder annual survey 2018

With our other product, Exist, we've got into a routine of sending an annual survey out to all our users, asking them about how they use Exist and what we should work on next. It's one part of our goal to work transparently, along with our public roadmaps ...