01 Oct 2019

Planning for Exist in 2020

We've come a long way since we started building Exist back in 2013. The landscape has changed a lot. When Exist first launched, Fitbit and Jawbone UP were our most popular integrations, and there was no iPhone app, no Android app, and no way to enter manual data. Now ...

25 Sep 2019

Animating completed goals in Exist for iOS

One of the small touches that's been in Exist for Android but not our iOS app for ages is an animation whenever you complete a goal that uses a circular progress bar. We use circular progress bars for steps and productive time (sleep also uses one, but it doesn ...

09 Sep 2019

Existing monthly, August 2019

In August we shipped support for a bunch of new attributes that are now available via our API, released an iOS update to support iPad, and added the new trends pages from the web into our Android app. Josh also added support for some of the new attributes from existing ...

02 Aug 2019

Existing monthly, July 2019

In July we finally shipped the design improvements in Exist for iOS that had shipped on Android earlier this year. The review process is much faster and easier to use now, so we're excited to have this in the hands of users.

We also had a welcome bump in ...

15 Jul 2019

Existing monthly, June 2019

This month we got closer to releasing our upcoming Exist for iOS update (it was released in early July). This update brings a redesigned review process to make tracking mood and custom tags faster and easier. We've also got a lot of tasks in the Exist roadmap's "In ...