15 Jul 2019

Existing monthly, June 2019

This month we got closer to releasing our upcoming Exist for iOS update (it was released in early July). This update brings a redesigned review process to make tracking mood and custom tags faster and easier. We've also got a lot of tasks in the Exist roadmap's "In ...

04 Jun 2019

Existing monthly, May 2019

This month Josh released a big update to our web app that included new trends pages for each attribute, including custom tags. He also released CSV export (to go with our JSON export and public API). Exist for iOS saw some small updates, including support for 1Password and iOS AutoFill ...

28 May 2019

Existing monthly, April 2019

This month we released a large update to Exist for Android that simplifies navigation and makes the process of submitting mood and custom tags much faster and easier. This update is in-progress for our iOS app.



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26 Apr 2019

Podcast 24: Quality

We talk about the "Quality Assurance", or QA, process that Belle goes through when releasing new updates to Exist for iOS. Gets a bit technical but we try to keep it accessible.

01 Apr 2019

Existing monthly, March 2019

This month we released a new feature in our web app that lets you choose any two attributes to see if there's a correlation between them. We also released an update to Exist for iOS that includes a new 3D Touch icon shortcut, a custom URL scheme, and supports ...