07 Jan 2019

Existing monthly, December 2018

In November we sent out our annual user survey for Exist. We'd held the survey back while we finished off our new Garmin integration, so it was great to finally get some feedback on what we'd worked on throughout the year. We'll have a separate write-up of ...

03 Dec 2018

Existing monthly, November 2018

In November we shipped our Garmin integration for Exist, added the ability to reset your data for a single attribute, and added the option to select metric or imperial units per data type rather than once across your whole account. All of these changes were highly-requested, so it feels great ...

28 Nov 2018

Debouncing in Swift while your iOS app is in the background

I recently had to find a way to debounce a function call in Swift, while my app was running in the background. Most solutions I found only worked in the foreground, so it took some fiddling to come up with a solution.

Debouncing is when an event is triggered multiple ...

14 Nov 2018

Existing monthly, October 2018

In October Josh published What's in your Larder: Rust web frameworks on the Larder blog and added the ability to disable comments for Changemap tasks.

For Exist we launched a whole new section in our iOS app: the trends tab which our Android app has had for a while ...

19 Oct 2018

Existing monthly, September 2018

We ramped up our marketing efforts in September, publishing four blog posts:

Functional UI testing in Exist with EarlGrey and Sencha and Receiving images from other apps on Android, both on the Hello Code blog, and two Larder links posts on iOS testing frameworks and libraries for Kotlin Android development ...